06 Jun Vodafone’s Safaricom with M-Pesa Biggest Kenyan Market Share for eCommerce Payment

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The Kenya mobile payments market is dominated by M-Pesa which can now be accepted via African Payment Solutions.  Airtel, Orange and Yu have either pulled out or playing a secondary role when it comes to mobiles and payment.

Vodafone owns Safaricom and M-Pesa is a Vodafone mobile payment product.  The method is asynchronous but it works and even better it is from the local network who have more than ninety-percent market share.

Airtel has less than 10% market share but at a guess its Airtel money accounts for probably 2% of mobile payments.  Safaricom has almost 70% of Kenya’s thirty-five million users which means it is the logical online payment method for multinational eCommerce companies entering the Kenyan eCommerce market.

Uber, Travelstart, AirBnB are already well entrenched in Kenya and have established a dominant online presence there.  More multinational eCommerce companies are expanding to Kenya and getting paid online.  

Contact African Payment Solutions now to get paid online in Kenya with debit card and M-Pesa, their most popular mobile payment method.


Our thanks for inspiration to http://mobilemoneyafrica.com/content.php?id=2415