13 Jul M-Pesa eCommerce Payment Method in Kenya Through a Simple API

The originator of M-Pesa, Michael Joseph says M-Pesa was originally designed to facilitate disbursement and repayment of microloans way before it became a de facto eCommerce payment method through a single integration to pan-African payment methods via African Payment Solutions.

M-Pesa as a payment method way exceeded expectations and grew exponentially to become the leading and primary payment method in Kenya through the championing of maverick Kenyan executive Betty Mwangi.

The ease of use of M-Pesa means that it can even be used by feature phones. Global M-Pesa transactions exceeded 6bn transactions in 2016.

According to Head of M-Pesa Bob Collimore, M-Pesa is a regulated mobile money method in Kenya and meets stringent local standards.

In general, mobile money payment methods like M-Pesa are low on fraud as compared to credit card transactions which can be subject to chargebacks, and all M-Pesa transactions are monitored and checked for suspicious activity.

You can now accept M-Pesa for your eCommerce payments in Kenya through a simple API and single integration to pan-African payment methods provided online by contacting African Payment Solutions.


Thank you for inspiration to Payments.com and Nation.co.ke