22 Sep Rwanda’s Government and Private Sector Cooperating to Drive ePayments and eCommerce - Mobile Alternative Payments Dominate

Rwanda is experiencing a leapfrog effect in digital commerce and eCommerce payment as a result of strong growth by MNOs.  The government and private sector are working closely to grow the digital economy.  

Indicative is a recent Dot Finance conference which was attended by almost 500 fintech participants keen to hear about and catalyse the digital economy in Rwanda

At the conference it was said that as a result of mobile payment methods like MTN Mobile Money, TigoCash, and Airtel Money, more than 90% of the Rwanda population can pay digitally for goods and services.  MTN Mobile Money has up to 50% share of the market followed by TigoCash with up to 40% and Airtel Money with up to 20%

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With these mobile payment methods, consumers are encouraged to pay for eGovernment services which is giving them traction in the online environment.

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Our thanks for inspiration to https://thefinanser.com/2017/05/africa-leap-frogging-financial-world-mobile.html/