03 Oct Nigeria and Land of Contrast Goes Digital with ePayments, eCommerce, Online Payment

Nigeria is an exciting mix of the new and the old, cash and digital, educated and less educated, analogue and smartphone.  A country in a dynamic state of accelerated evolution, in many ways leapfrogging the developed world.  A dynamic place and time to do business.

Drive down a street in Nigeria and you will meet up with people in suits walking past street vendors in rags, steel and glass modern architecture adjacent to rundown old building sites and rubble.  But you won’t find beggars in Nigeria . .   

Everyone is an “entrepreneur”, everyone is proud of their trade and doing something to make a buck.  Even the poorest are connected, communicating and trading.   It’s like the New York of Africa.

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SUV’s everywhere, tuk-tuks mobilising the population and moving goods around town.  A highly regulated Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) pushing financial inclusion and innovating, implementing and regulating digital ePayments - moving the Nigerian economy from cash to digital.

Nigeria is home to the largest eCommerce companies in Africa like Jumia and Konga who ironically still do a mass of cash transactions, and have even formed their own payment method and courier service company to jump on the digital payments bandwagon and effective distribution as part of their offering.  

Investors like Goldman Sachs are believing in this 180m economically mobilised people and Nigeria is being called the “The Home of the Unicorns” with credible global investment companies betting on the success of the Nigerian economy.

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Our thanks for inspiration to http://www.businessdayonline.com/tech-hubs-shouldnt-sell-ideas-grow/