20 Oct African Online Payments: Connected Nigerian and Kenyan Consumers Ready to Buy and Pay Online

Paga is hoping to have more than 40m unbanked consumers using their local Nigerian payment method.  Nigeria’s population is relatively well banked as compared to other African countries.

The Central Bank of Nigeria is working with MNO’s to roll out and promote financial inclusion with mobile money payment methods. Urban Nigerians are largely banked and its the rural consumers that are getting the most attention from a financial inclusion perspective.

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Kenya’s internet consumer penetration is now above 70% with more than 30m internet connected users. Acquiring in Kenya comes at a premium when compared to international merchant services. It is a pity that Kenyan consumers and international eCommerce companies are charged more to trade with each other.

Having said that, the market growth opportunity way exceeds that of mature international eCommerce markets. The repatriation of funds can also come at a premium and it is sometimes difficult to get forex or to get it at a reasonable conversion rate to repatriate to global eCommerce headquarters.

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