23 Oct African eCommerce Payments: Kenya eCommerce Gets a Boost from Safarinow and M-Pesa

eCommerce is on the up and up in Kenya with even Safaricom (the Mother of M-Pesa mobile payments) launching an eCommerce platform for the sale of eCommerce goods and services. Merchants are screened before being given access to the platform to sell their wares.

Safaricom has more than 70% of the country's internet users, 40m people and over $1.5bn in payments a month. Goods are currently being delivered in 3 and 5 days in Kenya and they are working on shorter delivery times.

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Africa will be the beneficiary of more than half of the world population growth over the next 30 years so brace yourselves for an economic boom of increasingly connected, internet savvy and disposable income growing African consumers.

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