24 Oct Multinational eCommerce Companies Get Paid Online with Diverse Mobile and Bank Transfer Payment Methods in Africa

Less than 3% of Africans have a credit card so, multinational eCommerce companies who are keen on expanding to Africa, need to get used to receiving online payment in a diverse number of alternative and mainly mobile payment methods.  Bank transfer is also catching on fast, particularly in countries like Nigeria where the CBN is backing it.  

Large eCommerce companies like Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, AirBnB will have to think cleverly to be effective and cost-effective in the way that they organise themselves to get paid simply by African consumers with their favourite payment method - in particular how they repatriate funds back to HQ wherever it is in the world.     

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The African Payment Solutions team has many years experience operating in an African environment and is working on increasingly more widespread and cost effective pays for repatriating eCommerce payments.  

If you are a multinational eCommerce company looking to expand to Africa for your eCommerce payments then contact African Payment Solutions now



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