08 Nov East Africa eCommerce Payments - Rwanda and Kenya Making it Easier to Trade and Get Paid Online

Kenya and Rwanda are among the most improved and easiest to do business with in Africa.  African countries are making it easier for multinationals to do business in terms of regulations and cross border trading.

Rwanda implemented more that 50 reforms and Kenya more than 30 that make it easier to do business.  Rwanda was ranked second behind Mauritius.

Rwanda’s eGovernment has brought consumers into the online web and prepares them for being able to participate in the global economy and able to make eCommerce payments to multinational eCommerce companies.

Alternative payments like M-Pesa have done a great job for financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Over 40% of the Sub-Saharan population has a mobile phone.

The main hubs and a good start for eCommerce development by multinationals are Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

Up and coming countries we are increasingly asked for online payment collection in are Namibia, Botswana, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania.

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