09 Nov Gaming is Alive and Well in Africa - Online Payments in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa

Gaming is alive and well and growing at more than 30% year on year across Africa. More than half the countries in Africa are enjoying mobile gaming.

It has become easier to get paid by African consumers in their local currency and with their favourite African payment methods and on a mobile which has played into the hands of the gaming sector.

A number of countries on the African continent like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Angola, Congo DRC have regulated and legalised gaming.

A young and tech savvy population, more than 30% internet penetration and consumers being adept at use of mobiles has been a catalyst.

Africa is an amazing market right now.  Several gaming companies are pushing for an African presence and the volumes justify it.
Nigeria is hands down the best and most highly attractive market.  Online payment for the gaming trade is mainly credit card for a low volume high ATV market or mobile money for a very large low ATV market, so the strategy is to cater for high volume low value and to take on the higher value transactions as bonus.
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Our thanks for inspiration to http://www.maravipost.com/growth-online-gaming-africa/