02 Aug eCommerce Payment Methods across Africa - Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria are the most popular eCommerce countries across Africa today.

In South Africa the currency is ZAR only and in order to repatriate your funds to your home office jurisdiction, it is important that merchants either have a legal entity in the country or that the correct reportings are filed with the South African Reserve Bank before trading.  Credit cards are by far the most popular payment method for merchants wanting to launch their eCommerce business in South Africa.

In Nigeria the acquiring currency can be NGN (Naira) or USD.  eCommerce merchants expanding to Nigeria are well covered with card and bank debits.  Mobile Money is relatively immature and being driven by the government as a route to higher levels of financial inclusion.  Merchants can either have a legal entity in the country or in some cases we can collect funds on their behalf. 

Kenya is a thriving IT connected economy and a friendly jurisdiction in which to do eCommerce business for multinational eCommerce companies looking to expand to Africa.  We had some initial problems getting set up so we can guide you through those if and where necessary. Online payment is relatively simple with card and M-Pesa which has a consumer market adoption of up to 80% and works relatively well for eCommerce payment.  Card acquiring can be done in USD or KES and M-Pesa is KES only. Repatriation of funds is relatively straight forward.

If you are a multinational eCommerce company looking to expand to Africa for your online payments then contact African Payment Solutions now