07 Aug Online Payment Africa - Drivers of eCommerce Adoption Across Africa (Part 1)

eCommerce across Africa is booming with the advent of global eCommerce companies expanding to the fast growing African continent combined with the internal growth as a result  of increased literacy, techability, disposable income, mobile phone penetration and connectivity.  

Key drivers of eCommerce readiness could be the following:

Smartphone penetration - Currently mobile money was designed with the simplicity of USSD and feature phones in mind so the number of transactions can be deceiving and the advent of smartphones and their penetration will be a good indicator of possibilities for eCommerce and eCommerce payment across Africa

Connectedness - there is good coverage in urban areas and connectedness is higher than in the rural areas of countries across Africa.  A higher level of urbanisation results in a higher demand of eCommerce, mainly driven by a higher level of mobile connectedness

Cost of bandwidth - traditionally data was expensive but as MNO competition and level of government “encouragement” has increased, the cost of being connected has consistently reduced over the years which gives consumes the opportunity to have a richer browsing experience and results in a higher level of mCommerce or eCommerce conversions

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