08 Aug Online Payment Africa - Drivers of eCommerce Adoption Across Africa (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

eCommerce across Africa is booming with the advent of global eCommerce companies expanding to the fast growing African continent combined with the internal growth as a result  of increased literacy, techability, disposable income, mobile phone penetration and connectivity.  

Paymentability - the ability to get paid online can vary across different territories.  Generally “mobile monies”, although asynchronous work well for eCommerce payments and the African population is well served in terms of mobile money.  Most urban consumers in most countries have a mobile money account. There are three main mobile monies - MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money and M-Pesa.


Time connected - the amount of time spent surfing the internet is a good indicator of the eCommerce readiness of a consumer segment.  The youth are likely to spend more time than older generations. In line with the global average, the youth are more likely to be able to operate a smartphone and surf and pay for goods and services online.


No of platforms visited - the number of platforms visited by consumers in a particular country are a good indicator of their propensity to browse and shop online

Time on the Internet - the more time spent browsing the internet with sites like facebook, google, news, the more likely consumers are equipped to browse and buy goods and services online

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