09 Aug Online Payment Africa - Drivers of eCommerce Adoption Across Africa (Part 3)

Continued from Part 2

eCommerce across Africa is booming with the advent of global eCommerce companies expanding to the fast growing African continent combined with the internal growth as a result  of increased literacy, techability, disposable income, mobile phone penetration and connectivity.  

Literacy - there has been a significant increase in literacy and tech-literacy levels across Africa over the past ten years and this translates to higher level of mobile phone use, browsing and ultimately buying of goods and services online

Level of urbanisation - the level of urbanisation is highly correlated with consumer online connectedness and capability.  So logically the countries where there is a higher level of urbanisation are likely to enjoy a higher level of eCommerce use and growth

Delivery infrastructure - in order for eCommerce to be truly successful it needs to involve successful delivery of goods.  African countries like Kenya and Nigeria have enjoyed solid growth in the sale and purchase of digital goods and payment for utilities and services.  The advent of new technologies like GPS, drones China’s investments in infrastructure are advancing the eCommerce and delivery of physical goods 

Domain registration - a good barometer of the level of eCommerce traction in a country is the number of domains registered.  For eg Nigeria has over 100,000 .ng domains registered as compared to Kenya with 80,000, and Angola with 5,000. 

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