13 Aug Accepting M-Pesa in Kenya for Online Payment - Payment Gateway

M-Pesa is by far the dominating payment method in Kenya with almost 2bn transactions per annum worth more than 10m KES a year, and used by almost 25m Kenyans ie more than 80% of the Kenyan population.

M-Pesa has added a range of value added services like savings, loans and insurance in addition to payments which embeds it as the de facto payment system.  It works very well as an online payment system for eCommerce and eCommerce payments in Kenya.

African Payment Solutions payment gateway also supports card acquiring in Kenya to supplement the mobile money payment methods.  Airtel Money is a distance second to M-Pesa. M-Pesa has teamed up with Equity bank for a more comprehensive rollout across East Africa, and with Western Union and PayPal to provide easy and compatible on and off ramps for remittances.

Not all M-Pesa clients are good for eCommerce because some are still operating on USSD and not smartphone technology.  Particularly in the rural areas. According to GSMA, mobile adoption in Kenya is more than 90%, and 80% of Kenyans have access to the internet.  According to Medici, M-Pesa’s overdraft facility was launched earlier this year.    

M-Pesa Kenya is not on the same API as other countries like Tanzania.  With African Payment Solutions, you can get M-Pesa and a number of other Africa-wide Mobile Monies like Airtel money, TigoPesa, MTN Mobile Money through a single API

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M-Pesa for eCommerce payment in Kenya

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