16 Aug Getting Paid Online in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Whilst stats vary from one resource to another, here is our take on the market share of Mobile Money enabled consumers that potentially could buy and pay online if they have access to the internet and eCommerce merchant websites.

Let’s start with Kenya as the market leader which has a population of around 50m people and active M-Pesa accounts of around 24m ie almost half the population. Airtel and Equitel are a far second with 5% and 4% respectively.

Kenya population - online payments Africa

Nigeria with a population of 200m has 25% internet access and 26% are on the NIBBS payment system, so eCommerce companies looking to sell and get paid online in Nigeria can expect to reach up to 50m consumers in the years to come.

South Africa is pretty straight forward from an online payments and payment gateway perspective - mainly credit and debit cards are used for eCommerce payment. A distant second is automated EFT payments.

Zimbabwe is a wild card and can be challenging to do business with the political and economic instability, but the market leader Ecocash with 7m active accounts serves more than 40% of their 17m people.

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