19 Aug Which Big Global eCommerce Companies are Already in Africa

According to a recent report from the Boston Consulting Group, Africa is on the top of the list of highest eCommerce growth countries.  Global eCommerce and payments companies are working out how to navigate and make sense of the relatively chaotic disjointed nature of business on the continent.  Local African people and businesses are used to making sense of and leveraging the opportunities for eCommerce and eCommerce payments on the continent.

It is just a matter of time before the large players in eCommerce platforms and payment systems are embedded in the fabric of fin and tech across Africa.  Already from an eCommerce and tech perspective some of the big players like Google, Uber, Airbnb are already finding ways to be successful and get paid and repatriate their funds.

Africa has some of its very successful homegrown eCommerce companies who have mastered logistics and getting paid online including Jumia , Konga, Mall for Africa, Takealot and Zando  These companies have achieved critical mass and are most likely highly desirable acquisition targets global eCommerce companies looking for a shortcut to make sense of this more than a billion consumer market.

eCommerce Payment Africa

Image kind courtesy of https://online-e-commerce.co.za

The main markets for these eCommerce players is Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.  Africa is shrinking and these eCommerce players are working out how to be multinational in terms of reach and facilitating payment cross border.

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