23 Aug Sometimes It’s Not Easy To Be An African Payment Gateway But We Make Sure You Have A Good Experience

African Payment Solutions is a payment gateway in Africa supporting card and mobile money payment methods across Africa through a single API for each.  

The key target markets for eCommerce are Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.  There are some rising African markets for which we can collect payment like Ghana and Tanzania, but eCommerce levels are relatively low.

Being a payment gateway in Africa is not the easiest task as communication, connectivity and systems can be relatively underdeveloped.   To ensure that our payment gateway is stable for our merchants and consumers we comply to standards like PCI and ensure that our payment gateway systems are solid and hosted in world class hosting environments.

We make sure we are represented on the African continent with payment gateway representatives in Cape Town (South Africa), Nairobi (Kenya)and Lagos (Nigeria), that our merchant customers get the smoothest possible online payments experience for themselves and consumers making eCommerce payment on the payment gateway.

Reporting isn’t always as consistent as it could be so we provide regular settlement reports and organise for split payaways for global eCommerce merchants and eCommerce platforms using our payment gateway service

So if you are looking for a 20 year experienced payment gateway service and representation for your card acquiring and mobile payment collection for your eCommerce business expanding across Africa then contact us now.

Thank you

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