26 Aug Can You As An Online Payment Gateway In Africa Split My Online Payments For Me

Some of our merchant customers are platforms and want to take a commission on all online payment transactions through the gateway.  As we operate payment gateway aggregator facilities in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, we collect the money on behalf of our international merchants.  

What we can do for you is to pay out your customers locally in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya and retain for example 5% or 10% of the gross online payment transaction amount and pay it to you at your convenience.  

This is a big advantage for you as we have the local legal entity, the bank account and the merchant account in each country - you don’t need to have a merchant account.  A single integration to African Payment Solutions and we can collect payments in local currencies in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

We report on the proceeds, we handle the reconciliation, we keep you posted on a weekly basis and liaise with you on how you would like us to settle and pay your fees or royalties.

Simplifying your eCommerce expansion across Africa and saving you the hassle of doing multiple integrations to various payment gateways for your online payment across Africa.

We have found that the dominant eCommerce territories are Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa as a result of better internet connectivity, higher levels of literacy, more developed payment systems and a higher level or urbanisation which all contribute to a more sophisticated eCommerce market.

So if you are looking for a 20 year experienced payment gateway service and representation for your card acquiring and mobile payment collection for your eCommerce business expanding across Africa then contact us now.

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