27 Aug Superplatforms Driving Investment In eCommerce Sales Across The African Continent

eCommerce is still in the development phase across Africa.  According to Euromonitor by 2025 the population of Africa will be more than 20% of the world's population and Africa could be the second most populated continent in the world. 

There is a trend towards the growth of super platforms which are like marketplaces for eCommerce entering the market from USA and China, where products are aggregated and sold to consumers.   According to Euromonitor, marketplace sales are growing rapidly and have reached the level of more than 40% of all online retail.

There are some well developed local platforms for eCommerce across Africa.   In South Africa is Takealot, in Nigeria is Jumia, and in Kenya there's Kilimall.  Superplatforms for eCommerce use a mix of their own online payment methods and local acquiring from local African payment service providers, MNO’s and banks.

These super platforms have received significant investment from venture capital companies around the world who have heavily invested in infrastructure, operations, online payment services and marketing ahead of other entrants to establish an indomitable foothold in the African eCommerce market.

According to UNCTAD, Africa had more than 20 million online shoppers in 2017 which is less than 2% of the world's total.  Three countries, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya together accounted for almost half of these online shoppers. 

Jumia’s shareholders are betting that online sales of less than 1% of total retail across Africa are going to grow to something like the more than 20% online retail of total sales in China.

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