03 Sep Kenya Payment Gateway and Interesting Kenya Online Payment and eCommerce Statistics

As a Kenyan Payment Gateway, we come across some interesting statistics and local demographics relating to online payments in eCommerce in Kenya.  The Kenyan online payments and eCommerce market is one of three African hubs, or shall we say Sub-Saharan African hubs including South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

 At African Payment Solutions we support multinational eCommerce companies (who are not on the African continent) and are looking for acquiring across the key eCommerce and online payment supported countries across the African continent.  We take care of online payment in multiple countries through a single API for mobile monies and card respectively and we collect the money and repatriate it to our customers wherever they are in the world. 

Here are some interesting insights and statistics into Kenyan eCommerce and Kenya's online payment for eCommerce companies at the checkout:

Kenya has three drivers which come together to make it a highly desirable target market for multinational eCommerce companies. Firstly high market penetration of mobile phones, secondly the ability to make payments, and thirdly high literacy levels.

eCommerce is predominantly conducted via mobile and the way has been paved for multinational eCommerce companies, by local eCommerce forerunners like Kilimall, Jumia and DHL’s Africa eShop. According to UNCTAD, Kenya is the 4th ranked Sub-Saharan African country based on the proportion of individuals shopping online.  In Kenya 10% of Kenyans aged 15+ have purchased online (2.6m online shoppers).

Sendy claims to be the leading  eCommerce delivery platform running a network of motorcycles, pickups, vans and trucks to support eCommerce companies with logistics and deliveries. 

According to the PPro Almanac, the Kenyan economy is expected to grow at almost 6% in 2020. A relatively well-developed online payments sector makes our job as a Kenyan payment gateway easier.    We support cards, (debit and credit card) acquiring with MasterCard and Visa as well as mobile money payments including the most popular one M-Pesa which is used by up to 80% of the population.

This is just a high level on research we have done on the Kenyan e-commerce and Kenya online payments market.  We routinely do research as a Kenyan Payment Gateway, so please feel free to contact us if you are a multinational eCommerce company looking for more specific information relating to the Kenyan, or any other African markets.

If you are a multinational eCommerce company looking for an Kenyan Payment Gateway for your online payments through a single integration for card, and for mobile monies, then contact African Payment Solutions now