04 Sep Cross Border eCommerce Opportunities Arise With African Payment Provider

African payment provider African Payment Solutions provides an opportunity for multinational and global eCommerce businesses to provide goods and services to the African Market. African consumers are mobile-connected and hungry for branded goods from more developed markets via multinational eCommerce companies.

American and Chinese goods are in high demand from an eCommerce perspective, Chinese goods particularly, because of their low cost.  The ability to use an African payment provider facilitates transactions between African consumers and global e-commerce companies in local currency, using their favourite local payment methods in each target country. 

Almost half a billion African consumers have a mobile device. DHL has excellent coverage for logistics and deliveries to take place in spite of the fact that physical addresses are not well defined in most countries. Key territories of South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya have a relatively well-developed infrastructure relating to eCommerce including payment systems, connected consumers, relatively affordable bandwidth, and delivery systems. 

African consumers  in many countries are already buying from companies like Alibaba, Amazon and eBay as easily as they are paying online for their local services like electricity and other municipal bills. Using an African Payment Provider for this makes sense.  Through a single API the local payment methods in local currency can be settled and repatriated to the global eCommerce company in the country and location of their choice.

African payment provision is made up of many fragmented operators supporting local currencies or payment methods in a particular country, and there are very few providers who provide multi-country, multi-currency, multi- African payment methods through a single API without the need for the eCommerce company to worry about local bank accounts and local legal entities in each country for treasury.  

The combination of a marketplace and a locally optimised payment provision by a local  African payment provider can be a winning formula. Kenya with M-Pesa, South Africa with card and automated EFT, and Nigeria with cards and bank transfer.  Through a single API with African Payment Solutions, a local African payment provider, all key mobile money payment methods are supported which means that eCommerce provision can take place in many countries relatively effortlessly. 

So if you are looking for a 20 year experienced payment gateway service from an African Payment Provider and representation for your card acquiring and mobile payment collection for your eCommerce business expanding across Africa then contact us now.