05 Sep eCommerce Payments Across Africa - Most Popular Mobile Money Payment Methods per Country

For getting paid online by consumers across Africa, card is a good start as it is more easily understood by eCommerce companies entering the African markets.  But far more important and far more widely adopted is Mobile Money payment methods by telecoms providers who have varying levels of traction and market share in different African countries .

Here is a list of the most popular ones:  M-Pesa, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Pesa, Ecocash, and Orange Money. Kenya is dominated by M-Pesa who have more than 90% market share from a mobile money perspective. Ghana is predominantly a Mobile Money country and the most popular payment methods in Ghana are MTN Mobile Money followed by Airtel Money. 

Some up-and-coming countries are Mozambique who has M-Pesa; Zambia where Airtel Money is the most popular and thereafter MTN Mobile Money; and Rwanda where MTN Mobile Money is most popular, followed by Tigo Pesa and then Airtel Money.   In Uganda the most popular is MTN Mobile Money followed by Airtel Money. 

So any eCommerce company can get paid online across the continent through a single API, and their consumers can pay them online in these different types of Mobile Money into an African Payment Solutions denominated aggregator account, and the proceeds will be repatriated to the country in the currency of choice on a weekly basis.

So if you are looking for a 20 year experienced payment gateway service from an African Payment Provider and representation for your card acquiring and mobile payment collection for your eCommerce business expanding across Africa then contact us now.

Mobile Money Payments for eCommerce - Africa