10 Sep If You Are A Multinational eCommerce Company Looking For A Payment Gateway In South Africa . .

Mandela - Payment Gateway South Africa

If you are looking for a payment gateway in South Africa, you will find it a relatively easy to get set up and paid. The South African eCommerce and online payment market is well-developed and quite similar to the UK or Europe.

South Africa banking is made up of a limited number of banks, namely FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, ABSA and a new rival Bidvest bank.  All of these banks provide acquiring services for eCommerce merchants at relatively competitive rates. A little higher than in the Europe, UK or USA.

Easiest is to go with an experienced South African gateway like African Payment Solutions.  We are registered with PASA, the local Payments Association of South Africa.  We have aggregator accounts and so can cut through quite a lot of the red tape for eCommerce companies who are looking for a payment gateway in South Africa.

There is a simple API that you can link to and as a result of the aggregator account, once you are approved and signed up, you can be live within 48 hours.  We collect payments into our aggregator account and pay them out to you weekly. We can also do split payments, so for example if you are a ticketing company, we collect the money into our account, and can pay the event organisers their portion, and pay the ticketing platform the balance. 

The bottom line is that our role as your payment gateway in South Africa is to make things as simple as possible for you.   We are familiar with local laws, local payment products, local currency, and local forex requirements, and we deal with the banks.   We take the hassle out of it for you.


Here are some stats for you on the South African market.  

South Africa is one of the top three eCommerce countries in Sub-Saharan Africa alongside Nigeria and Kenya.  South Africa has a relatively well-developed eCommerce market. Almost half of the country's eCommerce is conducted by women.   Internet penetration in South Africa is more than 60%, and more than 50% of shoppers have bought cross-border. 

Most people have a mobile phone, most phones are smartphones, and mCommerce is relatively well-developed.   According to eCommerce Wiki, 70% of South Africans have a bank account, 13% have a credit card, and the literacy level is more than 90%.

So if you're looking for a payment gateway in South Africa, you're at the right place and you're going to get a relatively soft landing for the launch of your eCommerce business. The only challenge to be aware of is that, because there are relatively strict forex laws, international eCommerce merchants need to be sure that they have reported in to SARB correctly so that funds can be repatriated.

If you are looking for a Payment Gateway in South Africa as a result of international expansion of your eCommerce business, then through a single API, African Payment Solutions can provide you with payment collection of the key payment methods in the South African market.  Please click here to sign up or get more information.