20 Sep Kenya Online Payment Solutions and eCommerce Payments: Online Credit Card Payments, M-Pesa and Mobile Money Payments

Online firms in Kenya are developing apace.   When it comes to Kenyan online payment solutions, the forerunner M-Pesa has paved the way for eCommerce companies to get paid and to survive and thrive in the Kenyan territory.

Kenya is one of the three main hubs for eCommerce merchants expanding into Africa and looking for eCommerce payments alongside Nigeria and South Africa.  Luno crypto exchange is launching in Kenya, affirming the level of smartphone and internet connectedness, financial literacy, and ability to get paid in Kenya as a territory.

The Kenyan bank infrastructure has consolidated over the last few years, creating a high level of connectedness between banks and ATM networks.  When it comes to Kenya’s online credit card payments, Mastercard and Visa have converted most privatelabel cards to Scheme cards which makes card acceptance more ubiquitous than it has been in the past.

Companies like Sportpesa who are one of the biggest eCommerce companies on the continent, and one of M-Pesa’s largest customers, have educated consumers when it comes to using smartphones for eCommerce, downloading apps, and betting and paying online.

Kenya also has the highest penetration of mobile financial services according to a recent article by Arthur Goldstuck which proposes that the next revolution of payments and possibly Kenyan’s online payments could be "chat" related.    The use of WhatsApp in Kenya is pervasive. It is one of the most popular ways of communicating, accelerated by the high cost of mobile voice and the low level of penetration of landlines. Kenyans very easily took to using WhatsApp as a way of communication which opens up global trading possibilities.

For eCommerce merchants expanding to Kenya and targeting eCommerce shopping to Kenyan citizens, the most popular Kenya eCommerce payments and ways to pay online are with M-Pesa and card. 

According to eCommerce wiki: When it comes to Kenyan online payments, 75% of Kenyans have a bank account, 5% have a credit card, 58% can pay with mobile money.  In 2018, internet penetration was 83% and eShopper uptake was 60%, up from 18% in 2015.

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