25 Sep Investment in eCommerce, eCommerce Payment, FinTech and PayTech Across Africa

Investment in eCommerce and PayTech is accelerating across Africa.  Similar to the development of digital currencies, it is a little chaotic, volatile and yet the fundamentals are growing rapidly .  Deliverability, local literacy, growing middle class incomes, smartphone penetration, the bringing online of local African payment methods, evolvement of African Payment Providers are all contributing to a groundswell of eCommerce and growth in online payments across the continent.,

Long term investors like China, and a hybrid of international and local VC and Private Equity investors are sourcing and backing deals, digging in and building the rails and second layer solutions of the future.

Africans and eCommerce and online payments businesses are bringing together the old world of payments and payment providers with the intermediate world of mobile money, and the new world of crypto and digital payments to create a mass of evolving consumer demand driven solutions that are transforming the local eCommerce and paytech environment.

Investment opportunities across Africa in eCommerce and online payments in for eg Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa have caught the eye of investors in USA, Europe and Asia and even since 2017 when there was reticence about investing and the risks, things have turned around completely and there is a rapidly accelerating growth.  

The drivers of financial inclusion, the level of unbanked, the opportunity for satisfying the demand for online shopping and internationally branded goods and services is catalysing investment.  

Fintechs and PayTechs are the backbone of the new emerging economy and economic system on the African continent, rapidly transforming and permeating its way quietly through the 55 countries with diverse and dynamic rising incomes, increased connectivity, entrepreneurial bent, and hunger for beneficiated goods and services.  

Africa and African countries are enjoying their spinoffs of one of the highest mobile penetrations in the world in terms of transformative payment technologies and value added financial services,  

Local platforms, although many not yet profitable, have shown resilience and rapid growth which is attracting investment from international founders who have the risk appetite and long term view of selling and and getting paid through African Payment Providers by a billion connected consumers, many of whom haven’t bought before.

DHL has launched its own shopping site into a number of African countries, Amazon is delivering into more than 10 African countries now, Prosus is investing in PayTech across the continent, Jumia has listed on Nasdaq, BidorBuy and Takealot are backed by international investors, China is actively investing in a number of African eCommerce and payments companies, 

Isn’t this more exciting for eCommerce companies than the flatlining of mature markets?  

So if you are ready to jump on the bandwagon, get your hands dirty, and invest in the growth of your eCommerce company into African countries like Kenya, South  Africa and Nigeria, then please contact us at African Payment Solutions now

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