01 Oct African Payment Methods for Online Payment and eCommerce Payment

Althought the African scenario when it comes to online payment and eCommerce payments does look a little complex and chaotic, we can strip it down to some basic online payment methods and mobile payment methods that are essential and useful for eCommerce merchants expanding across territories like Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

For cards, the main territories requiring online acceptance are South Africa and Nigeria.  With Visa and MasterCard acceptance via a local merchant account, conversion rates should be relatively high.  Using an international merchant account can be problematic as a result of IP an country blocking resulting in lower conversion rates and a bad customer experience.  To go with MasterCard and Visa using an online payment provider like African Payment Solutions aggregator account is the easiest and best way to go.

With regard to Mobile Money acceptance for online payment and eCommerce payments, this is where it can get a little complicated.  Not all platforms are linked and interoperable, even for the same mobile money brand. But if you choose a payment aggregator like African Payment Solutions and elect to accept M-Pesa for Kenya, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash and Vodafone Cash for eCommerce and online payment you will be pretty much sorted for countries like Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and a number of others like Cameroon, Togo, Mozambique and Rwanda.

African Payment Solutions provides a single API for your card acquiring in most African countries, and full support of the most important Mobile Money payment methods mentioned above ie M-Pesa, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash and Vodafone Cash.

Click here if you would like to accept cards and mobile money for online payment at the checkout in the most important countries for eCommerce across Africa.