09 Oct Update on Crypto Currency Payment Providers and Online Payments Across Africa

We are off to Decentralized Blockchain Conference in Athens shortly to learn more about how blockchain, smart contracts and digital currencies are going to complement and supplement our payment provider suite of online payments across Africa.

Although it's a bear market, there is a lot of development taking place on the base layer infrastructure building the rails of a new world of payments including on bitcoin, Ethereum and other protocols like Hyperledger and Cosmos.  

Fortunately hundreds of millions were made as a result of early token issuance and the ones that managed their finances well can hunker down and develop in the quiet times.  Whilst crypto is known more for its consumer and retail speculative nature, it is increasingly benefitting from institutional and venture capital interest and investment.

Privacy digital currencies like Monero and Zcash are positioning themselves to be the currencies of the future.  Whilst bitcoin is a bit slow for payments, Lightning Network is getting significant traction and could become a big player into the future.  Dash is targeting emerging markets and having success in Venezuela and Argentina as a hard currency relative to the local hyperinflated fiat.  

All of these currencies are contenders for online payments.  There are crypto related payment providers like PumaPay for recurring billing with crypto, Bitpay, Globee and BTCPayServer for online payment at the checkout.  Online payments at the checkout with crypto is in its infancy and not yet mainstream. Usability of crypto still has a long way to go.

We are well educated and well versed in and tracking the trajectory of credit and digital currency acceptance from a payment provider perspective.  Africa will likely be an early adopter of crypto payments for online payment at the checkout and we at African Payment Solutions will be the first to advise you on its viability.

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