16 Oct KENYA - Latest Stats for Payment Providers on Mobile Phone Market Share, Online Payment Methods and Mobile Money

The latest KCA report has some interesting information for multinational eCommerce companies entering the region in terms of eCommerce, online payments, payment providers and mobile money for eCommerce payment.

The Kenya Communications Authority Report Q4 2019 has useful information in terms of online payments and eCommerce payment methods for payment providers serving the Kenyan market.  

Mobile phone subscriptions have gone from almost 100bn in 2018 to almost 110m in 2019 in an almost straight line growth which bodes well for eCommerce merchants entering the market over the next 5 years.

The respective mobile subscriptions market share of the various mobile phone providers has been relatively static over the past year.  At June 2019,  Safaricom topped the log at 63.5%, followed by Airtel at 24.6% and Telkom Kenya 8.1%.

In terms of mobile money, M-Pesa is the leader with 30m active subscriptions followed Airtel Money with 4m, and Equitel Money with almost 2m (figures rounded up to the closest million for simplicity). Mobile commerce transactions in Kenya Shillings from April to June 2019 were M-Pesa 1,569bn, Equitel Money 378bn, and Airtel Money 2bn.

Some other interesting stats around online payments in Kenya which could be out of date by now as paytech is moving fast  - more men (7%) than women (3%) make internet payments, the number of women (4%) and men (5%) with a credit card, 58% of Kenyans made or received a mobile payment, and 75% of Kenyans have a bank account.

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Thank you to https://www.ecommercewiki.org/country-facts/129/ecommerce-overview-of-africa and Kenya Communications Authority for the stats