10 Nov Diverse Online Payment Methods Across Africa for Multinational eCommerce Companies

We are experiencing unprecedented demand for online payments for eCommerce for multinational eCommerce companies expanding across Africa.  Developed markets are mature and the opportunity for eCommerce expansion, particularly digital goods and services is growing rapidly.

Our focus is sub-Saharan Africa which is an interesting collage of online payment methods.  Africa is often considered like a country, or a homogeneous region like Europe, yet the demographics, psychographics and payment dynamics vary considerably from country to country.  

Our main mission is to find the right “homes” for our international merchants expanding to the territory.  Our global eCommerce merchants expanding to African countries have unique needs. Some of them are happy with their card acquiring globally and find the the decline rates as a result of African card rejection by international banks are acceptable to them.  Others prefer for us to acquire for them in local country and currency so that usability is better and conversion rates are higher.  

Other merchants are looking specifically for online payment with mobile monies like M-Pesa in Kenya and Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa and MTN Mobile Money in other territories where they are popular.  For example a purely Kenya play for online payment is good to go with M-Pesa.  

When it comes to Nigeria, card is king and market share of bank debit is growing rapidly.  South Africa is also good card territory for online payment for eCommerce. Corporate and international card acquiring is expensive in South Africa and repatriation of funds needs a bit of help from us to make sure of a smooth operation.

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