12 Nov AfricaCom 2019 - The State of PayTech, Online Payments and Payment Providers Across Africa

AfriTech - African Online Payment Providers

African commerce is alive and well and a great turnout at AfricaCom 2019.  African Payment Solutions met up with service providers and online payments company founders to discuss the state of the online payments industry.

Interviews were had with researchers from UK on the South African online payments market and the recent consolidation of payment providers across the African continent and how it has affected the competitive landscape.

A number of paytech venture capital companies spoke about the challenges in understanding their markets and the fintech investment methods and opportunities.  The African PayTech market is coming together relatively well from its historical roots of disjointedness and lack of interoperability.  

Alternative payment methods are maturing and ability to get paid online for eCommerce companies entering the African market is improving.   Every month, new tech is emerging which makes for a smoother payments experience.

At African Payment Solutions we are handling the bumps in the road to give global eCommerce merchants the smoothest ride.  An API for card and API for mobile monies makes the integration process simpler. We collect the money for global merchants and repatriate to further simplify the experience.  We also do split payments so platform providers can set a fixed fee for eg 5% for use of their platform and we pay out the balance to the local merchant.

Please contact us if you are looking for a good partner and payment provider for online payments across Africa