18 Nov Online Payments - Great Conversations at AfricaCom With Champions Of Transformative Payment Technologies Doing Good Things on The Continent

Marcus, the CEO of Luno which already has 3m customers and is an anchoring and transformative financial player across Africa was telling us how their plan is to touch the lives of 1bn people.  The ethos of these companies in all cases had a higher calling to promote financial inclusion and do social good.

Ray Yousseff did a great talk on Paxful's rapid growth across the African continent, with bitcoin peer to peer trading and championing the consumer to have their own hard money.  Integral to their new monetary mission of financially liberating African consumers is their investment in for social good and a goal to build 100 solar powered, schools with their own well water.  Paxful have over 300 payment methods and provide a range of fiat on and offramps for their peer to peer bitcoin trading system.

Linked to Binance’s Ugandan exchange is Binance Charity who are investing in Safe Future, an NGO to improve the quality of education, and an investment in feminine hygiene for one million women with the Pink Care Token Alliance.

Chatting with Llew, CEO of Fraxeum, they are launching a blockchain based system that will facilitate fractional ownership by African consumers of assets that they could not ordinarily invest in.  Through a wallet, consumers will be able to make small investments in a diverse range of assets, by way of example real estate, companies, and commodities.

And then there is John Campbell of Redsand with the slogan “Investing for Sustainability” who personally has a great track record of successful investments in digital and online payments in Sub-Saharan Africa including Shyft (A forex platform), BitX (now Luno), and Snapscan (a very successful mobile payment system)

So its all about doing good business in Africa.  

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