22 Jun VIDEO AND BLOG: Why Africa? Key Ingredients for a Transitional Boom in eCommerce and Payments.


Notes for video: Economic growth rates of up to 6% in 2021. Hungry, young, mobile capable, with a need, excited to trade, buy and pay for global goods and services. Slightly chaotic as compared to mature, low growth markets where evolvement of eCommerce and payments is not really needed. Payments infrastructure East, West, South working towards regional RTGS. Mobile interoperability is starting to take place. Cards and mobile money are moving closer together. Smartphone penetration is growing. Rightsizing of oligopolies is going to open up competition as funder are retreating to core and the focus on keeping their investments afloat so they don't lose their money. Digital payments are going to boom across Africa off the back of exchanges expanding rapidly and providing an alternative payments and banking infrastructure, catalysed by stablecoin popularity and advent of CBDC's.

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