30 Jun VIDEO AND BLOG: African consumer needs and the evolvement of traditional payments across Sub-Saharan Africa

Consumer needs? 

  • Consumers want to be able to pay with their local currency and payment methods to buy international goods and services.  
  • They would like to sell their services globally and get paid locally and/or overseas.  
  • This market is currently under-competed.  
  • There are not many global eCommerce payment solutions meeting these cross border customer needs and the local payments market is fragmented.  
  • From a local eCommerce perspective COVID 19 means that a lot more African people are moving their personal services and businesses online
  • Consumers wanting to stay healthy will want to trade and get paid simply, remotely and locally.  


Evolvement of traditional and digital Payments? 

  • Traditional: . . will deal with evolvement of digital payments tomorrow 
  • The traditional analogue payments system is clear from an eCommerce payment perspective.   
  • The payments market is dominated by Mobile Money, Card and Bank transfer.  
  • Most of it on mobile and mobile is the future of SSA - it is unlikely that Mac’s or PC’s will be a next wave.  
  • There is a significant level of cooperation between cards and mobile money to leverage for example local market share of MNO’s and Mobile Money with the cross border global simplicity of cards. 
  • This is expected to accelerate as a result of the card associations trying to get into the market, and the MNO’s looking to increase volume, margins and competitive position of their specific mobile monies.  
  • Bank transfer will see a linking of the East, West and Southern African systems to facilitate RTGS settlement in the region.  
  • This will take some time and may be gazumped by Stablecoins and CBDCs.


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