02 Jul VIDEO AND BLOG: Digital Payment Innovations Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Notes for Video:  The Future of Digital Payments

As transactions rise, a number of other technological innovations could be instrumental to shaping the evolution of the digital payments industry:

1.  Messaging-app payments
Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat can leverage the reach of billions of users.

2.  Voice-activated commands
Paying for gas, groceries, or retail via voice could soar.

3.  Peer-to-peer (P2P) payments
Bank of America and Visa are investing heavily into P2P partnerships.

4.  Cryptocurrencies
Over one million transactions take place daily on average.

5.  Biometric payments
Smartphone biometric security features could spur traction across digital payments.

6.  Facial recognition
May soon replace QR codes across retail, transit, and airports in China.

7.  Crypto wallet adoption
Blockchain wallet users are predicted to soar to 200 million by 2030.

8.  Hardware & in-store interfaces
Square, Stripe, and Clover are driving new mobile processing integrations.

The $4.1T digital payments ecosystem is facing a notable transition, catalyzed by a wave of global advancements and disruption. As the industry continues to widen its reach, consumers and investors alike can benefit from the shift towards a cashless economy.

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