07 Jul VIDEO AND BLOG: Sub-Saharan Africa Online Payments Ecosystem and Competitive Environment

Market is fragmented - one simple integration, all SSA key payment methods

Consolidation - the market will consolidate as international capital enters the market

A Few Main pan-African players - there are a limited number of players going for pan-African eCommerce payment through a single integration and providing treasury and repatriation services

Enter remittance companies - companies are making noises that they are entering the eCommerce acquiring space

Merchant Market - local eCommerce (high growth in SME’s going online) is well served by independent local payments players in each country, local marketplaces are big share of local eCommerce and do a lot of their own payment processing.  Multinational eCommerce companies like Uber, Airbnb, Microsoft, Samsung are coming into the market.  

Consumer market - increasingly consumers are becoming smartphone enabled, tech literate and able to pay

Business - the ability to run a global grade payment services is quite a challenge across SSA and to build a payment bridge between international eCommerce companies (that maintains their global service levels) and their consumers is a challenge

Product - competing payments companies are offering similar products and wallets are particularly having a good run . . having a good basic product that works is currently important.  This requires a lot of behind the scenes operations and tech to make it smooth

System -  local dynamics are not compatible with international standards requiring custom design of system and operation to deal with the anomalies of SSA

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