20 Jul VIDEO AND BLOG: Our sweet spot as a company in providing Online Payments across Africa and Europe to multinational eCommerce merchants


Digital eCommerce

Local institutions are familiar with local payments market.  Local SME’s are growing fast and require a lot of attention and support.  Incoming digital commerce can benefit from local legal entity, local compliance, local forex management, protection from the vagaries of internet connectivity, culture, language, legacy systems, local knowledge, local infrastructural instability . . so this is where we can help.  Not just a payment provider but as an enabler.

African is a big consumer market with low ATV’s.  There are big opportunities for sharing platforms, digital and especially entertainment with COVID, transport and logistics platforms (also COVID-inspired) and a wild card is insurance.

Also successful African eCommerce merchnats seem to have limited understanding and capabilities to set up effective global acquiring for example in Europe and the UK.

Into Africa is card, mobile and EFT and cross border to Europe is mainly card.

The ability for multinational, eCommerce companies in UK and Europe to deal with someone from their home region with African roots makes a difference to their level of understanding and trust levels.  In-country acquirers like to deal with their own people and so it works with us having locals on the ground in each country.

The APS strategy of small staff requires a level of outsourcing non-core elements and the choice of leverable business opportunities that require low but very experienced input and value add in exchange for a higher return

So if you are looking for payment at the checkout, and want a team that is very experienced in online payments, click here to give us a shout https://africanpaymentsolutions.com/countries/#footer